XV Portuguese-Spanish Symposium on Plant Water Relations


Please note that the programme is in the Portuguese time zone (GMT)

09:00 Opening session

President of SPBP, Water Relations group leaders Portugal and Spain

09:30 Plenary session

Manipulating stomatal blue light response in wheat to improve productivity
Tracy Lawson (University of Essex, UK)

10:30 Coffee break and poster viewing
11:00 Session I - Plant water relations: Molecular and ecophysiological aspects

11:00 - Keynote lecture:
Different plant functional groups drive ecosystem water, carbon and VOC fluxes during drought and recovery
Christiane Werner (University of Freiburg, Germany)


11.30 - Cork oak stripping causes metabolite adjustments at leaf and phloem levels
Clara Pinto (INIAV, Portugal)


11:45 - The effect of the limitation of nut growth in almond on Triose Phosphate Utilization and  down-regulation of photosynthesis
Saray Gutierrez-Gordillo (IFAPA-Las Torres, Spain)


12:00 - Leaf abscission patterns of Eucalyptus globulus clones in response to drought
Filipe Costa-e-Silva (ISA ULisboa, Portugal)


12:15 - Mechanistic modelling reveals the importance of turgor-driven apoplastic water transport in wheat
Sarah Verbeke (Ghent University, Belgium)

12:30 Lunch
14:00 Session II - Irrigated Crops

14:00 - Keynote lecture:
Advantages and limitations of using reclaimed wastewater in ornamental plants
Maria Fernanda Ortuño (CSIC, Spain)


14:30 - Hydraulic and stomatal adjustments of eight red grapevine varieties under three irrigation treatments
Miguel Damásio (INIAV, Portugal)


14:45 - Fertirrigation in a grafted Pinus pinea L. stand: impacts on growth, reproduction and seed production after 8 years
Alexandra Correia (INIAV, Portugal)


15:00 - Putative role of jasmonic acid signalling in rice coleoptile elongation under submergence
Maria Beatriz Vieira (ITQB NOVA, Portugal)

15:15 - Remote sensing and molecular biology to understand the effect of regulated deficit irrigation on virgin olive oil biosynthesis
Adrián Pérez-Arcoiza (CSIC Seville, Spain)
15:30 Coffee break and poster viewing
16:00 Session III - Agriculture under climate change

16:00 - Keynote lecture:
Mediterranean viticulture under climate change: observed impacts and adaptation measures
Carlos Lopes (ISA, Portugal)


16:30 - The integrated effect of salinity and deficit irrigation on physiological and ornamental aspects in Euonymus plants
Sara Alvarez (ITACYL, Spain)


16:45 - Alternative crops for wheat under drought conditions: exploring spelt and buckwheat
Xabier Martínez-Goñi (University of the Basque Country, Spain)


17:00 - Seasonal water relations in the grape berry cluster
Olfa Zarrouk (SFCoLAB, Portugal)


17:15 - Hormonal and transcriptional changes in developing common bean seeds under heat stress
Cláudia Lopes (ITQB NOVA, Portugal)

18:00 Poster's flash presentations
09:00 Plenary session

Mitigating effects of CO2 in trees facing drought
Kathy Steppe (Ghent University, Belgium)

10:00 João Santos Pereira: a career in ecophysiology
Maria C. Caldeira (Leader Water Relation Group SPBP)
Jorge Marques da Silva (President of the SPBP)
Helena Freitas (Centro de Ecologia Funcional, UCoimbra)
José Miguel Cardoso Pereira (Centro de Estudos Florestais, ULisboa)
10:30 Coffee break and poster viewing
11:00 Session IV - Forests under climate change

11:00 - Keynote lecture:
Advances and challenges in predicting drought-induced forest mortality
Jordi Marínez-Vilalta (CREAF, Spain)


11:30 - The impact of amplified drought and shrub encroachment on carbon assimilation of a Mediterranean oak woodland
Raquel Lobo-do-Vale (ISA Ulisboa, Portugal)


11:45 - Tracing the vulnerability of woody vegetation to groundwater depletion in coastal dune ecosystems
Cristina Antunes (FC Ulisboa, Portugal)


12:00 - Heat and Osmotic stress have contrasting effects on periderm suberization of cork oak roots
Helena Sapeta (ITQB NOVA, Portugal)


12:15 - The role of silicon in the resilience of chestnut tree against drought stress
Andreia Carneiro-Carvalho (UTAD, Portugal)

12:00 Lunch
14:00 Session V - Water use for sustainability

14:00 - Keynote lecture:
Digital agriculture for sustainable agriculture: current main bottlenecks delaying its successful implementation
António Díaz Espejo (CSIC, Spain)


14:30 - Impact of drought on cork development and suberization in Quercus suber
Diogo Lucas (ITQB NOVA, Portugal)

14:45 - Quinoa panicles contribute to plant carbon assimilation: a study case under saline irrigation
Omar Vergara-Díaz (ITQN NOVA, Portugal)


15:00 - Relationship between sap flow and radial increments in irrigated cork oaks
Constança Camilo-Alves (University of Évora, Portugal)


15:15 - Biofertilizers and Silicon fertilization as a tool to improve water use efficiency in maize production
Sina Besharat (Urmia University, Iran)

15:30 Coffee break and poster viewing
16:00 Session VI - Water management for sustainability

Round table

Elías Fereres (IAS-CSIC, University of Cordoba, Spain)
Paula Paredes (ISA, Portugal)
Luís Alcino Conceição (Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, Portugal)
Joan Girona (IRTA, Spain)
18:00 Meeting of the Portuguese and Spanish Water Relations Groups
09:00 The INTERPHENO Project: Developing phenotyping instruments to cope with climate stress

09:00 - Welcome
Miguel Costa (ISA ULisboa, Portugal) and Margarida Oliveira (ITQB NOVA, Portugal)


09:10 - The INTERPHENO project: fostering high throughput plant phenotyping by an interdisciplinary approach
Jorge Marques da Silva (FC ULisboa, Portugal)


09:30 - Phenotyping model plants: water status and irrigation
Nelson Saibo (ITQB NOVA, Portugal)


09:50 - Applying artificial intelligence to plant signals: novel strategies to solve problems in biology and agronomy
Ana Barradas (FC ULisboa, Portugal)


10:00 - Opportunities to raise a National Plant Phenotyping Platform in Portugal
M. Margarida Oliveira (ITQB NOVA, Portugal)

10:30 Coffee break and poster viewing
11:00 Session VII - Phenotyping for drought resilience

11:00 - Keynote lecture:
Integration of phenotyping with plant central metabolism and the key role of cereal inflorescences
Rubén Vicente (ITQB NOVA, Portugal)


11:30 - Retrospective analysis of durum and bread wheat breeding in Portugal from 1933 to 2020 under contrasting water regimes
Artūrs Katamadze (ITQB NOVA, Portugal)


11:45 - Functional characterization of E3-ubiquitin ligases for improved drought response in rice
Tiago Lourenço (ITQB NOVA, Portugal)


12:00 - Vitis rootstocks responses to water availability: water relations and vine performance
Ignacio Buesa (University of the Balearic Islands, Spain)


12:15 - Screening for Solanum lycopersicum L. landraces with high drought tolerance  under water stress conditions in open field
Ainda Juan-Cabot (University of the Balearic Islands, Spain)

12:30 - Making your phenotypic data FAIR: challenges and tools
Célia Miguel (FCUL, Portugal) 
12:30 Closing ceremony
14:30 Assembleia Geral da Sociedade Portuguesa de Biologia de Plantas

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