XV Portuguese-Spanish Symposium on Plant Water Relations

Jordi Martinez-Vilalta


CREAF/ Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
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Jordi Martínez Vilalta is Associate Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and researcher at CREAF (Spain). He graduated in Environmental Sciences at UAB in 1997 and obtained his PhD (2001) at the same university. He moved to the University of Edinburgh (UK) as a postdoctoral researcher and became an Honorary Research Fellow at this university in 2005. His main area of research is forest functional ecology, at the interface between biology and Earth sciences. His work combines different approaches (observational, experimental, modelling) and scales (from individual organisms to global) to study vegetation function and dynamics in response to environmental stress factors. In particular, his current research focuses on (1) the use and long-distance transport of water and carbon in plants; (2) forest responses to environmental changes, emphasizing drought effects in a climate change context; and (3) the distribution and variability of plant functional traits and their role on vegetation function and dynamics, including the provision of ecosystem services.

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