XV Portuguese-Spanish Symposium on Plant Water Relations

Ismael Aranda García


INIA Madrid
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Ismael Aranda is a specialist in the ecophysiology of forest tree species, working at the Forest Research Center of INIA-CSIC (Madrid). Broadly, he deals with the study of functional responses and phenotypic variability of woody plants to different environmental factors. He is especially concerned about the drought impact on water relations and carbon uptake at different ontogeny states from seedling to mature trees. The aim of his research is the study of functional traits from a mechanistic and ecological point of view and considering the current context of climate change. Research interest spans as well to the study of the intraspecific adaptive variation to drought within different forest tree species, from typical Mediterranean Quercus sp. or Pinus sp. to temperate species such as Fagus sylvatica. In the last years, he is also evaluating the impact of CO2 on the functional response of seedlings, and its interaction with drought, both relevant drivers of climate change. A more carbonized atmosphere in the future may modify the current phenotypic assemblage of functional traits of young plants, and the capacity to cope with more recurrent and intense droughts. Finally, the study of physiological mechanisms related to forest tree decline, and sensitivity of different forest tree species, is the fourth line of research he is currently carrying out in the group of Functional Plant Ecology of Forest Tree Species, and in tight collaboration with co-workers in Dendroecology and Metabolomics.

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