XV Portuguese-Spanish Symposium on Plant Water Relations

Raquel Lobo do Vale


CEF/ISA, Universidade de Lisboa
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Raquel Lobo-do-Vale is Assistant Researcher at the Forest Research Centre (CEF), School of Agriculture (ISA), University of Lisbon. She is a Forest Engineer with a MSc in Plant Production from ISA and holds a PhD awarded by the University of Évora on “Carbon assimilation by Amazonian rain forest trees: seasonality, inter-annual variation, and drought”. Her research has been focused on tree ecophysiology of the Mediterranean ecosystems in the context of climate change (drought, warming and shrub encroachment). Currently, she is studying the impact of drought and shrub encroachment on cork oak woodlands functioning and resilience. She is particularly interested in the drought effects on the water, carbon, and nutrient dynamics of Mediterranean ecosystems and she aims to contribute to the improvement of sustainable management practices which promote an efficient use of water.

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