XV Portuguese-Spanish Symposium on Plant Water Relations

Olfa Zarrouk


Smart Farm COLAB
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Olfa Zarrouk is Senior Researcher at Smart Farm COLAB (SFCOLAB). She holds a PhD in Agricultural, Forest and Nutrition Systems from the University of Lleida in Spain in 2006. She integrated Manuela Chaves' group in 2007 and was trained in Plant Molecular Ecophysiology as a postdoctoral fellow and later as Junior Researcher. She has been involved in the Agricultural sector, over 10 years, in several countries, particularly in dealing with irrigation strategies and fruit quality under environmental cues (namely viticulture and fruit trees sectors). Her extensive research experience provides her insight on the agronomic issues in Mediterranean Agriculture. She is specialist in molecular ecophysiology, fruit quality, rootstock and graft compatibility as well as data analysis. She is also expert in the use of several non-invasive technological tools for field crop monitoring. Since September 2020, Olfa Zarrouk is the Head of Digital Agriculture department at SFFCOLAB, a new established structure aiming at fostering the collaborative practices between scientific, technological/ higher education institutions and the social and economic tissue. Her main actual research interests are focused on the Digital Agricultura 4.0, with a special focus on the integration of precision agriculture technologies into the production chain to bring environmental improvements to cropping systems.

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